Air-sport of remote control planes is considered to be one of the sport which draw the public intention in K.S.A. This sport started in 1388 H where it has been practiced in Jeddah and Eastern Region.

Types of planes :-

 Fixed wings.
 Helicopter.
 Jet planes.
 Slippery plane.

This type of planes is specialized for remote controlling.

It composes of material easy to be handled and not dangerous material where as it depends completely on rice wood and covered by plastic paper, This feature makes it easy to b used ba all ages.

This plane used special fuel called methanol with quantity less than half liter for flight duration of ten minutes flying,The other electrical plane works with battery and it has seven minutes flying duration. Accordingly, all practioneers should be award by the following :-

• Aviation science and simulators.
• Remote flying control practice course.
• Aviation security and safety course.

Therefore the "take off club" provides two main zones specialized for aviation ,These are include many services and utility to offer the contributor comfort and freedom of practicing.

1. Pro - pilot one :

This zone provides concrete strip for fixed wing planes and with air strip extended to 250meter, 25 meters of which is prepared for the public and special zone for pilots. There is shaded area and parking places for cars. Beside there are some rooms especially prepared for maintenance of planes.


2. Park flare zone :

This zone provides grass strip extended with 120meter length and 10 meter width. It is designed for planes with under carrage. It also well equipped with services and comfort needed for practitioners.