Touring car - drift car - off road car

We construct large area for remote control cars race.
It includes three main areas.

1. Touring Cars Zone :

This area is specially set for fast cars with speed almost 200 km/hr. where as it is designed to meet the international requirements with regard to quality and the area.


2. Drift Cars Zone :

This zone is specialized for drift cars in side air conditioned hall. The drift or the slip is considered control art of car drift with high speed at the same time during its entry and getting out f curves and windings. This kind of races needs high skill of driver according to the international regulations in this sport.

3. Off-road car Zone :

This zone, is specialized to the four wheel drive cars, which enables the contributor to test his skills to win and challenge in the rough and rugged areas, his and to achieve success according to international sport regulations and laws.